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The impact we are having and making a difference in the lives of children will be visible in the words of the Teachers and Staff as we heard back from them after our involvement at their locations .

These are small steps and simple ways of bringing a smile on the faces of the children who otherwise are struggling but look forward to celebrate their birthdays or their friends birthdays being celebrated.


Sweet Home School

Birthday Squad of Buffalo has helped over 70 ( elementary through high school) students since September 2023.

The birthday bags are received so well by our students.
They are overjoyed when they see the big birthday bag coming in with the party supplies , cake mix, gift and a book. We are so fortunate to work with an organization like yours.

Lisa LaBrake



Sweethome School District

Lackawanna Middle School

With the help of the Birthday Squad of Buffalo, we are able to bring smiles to students on their birthday. With their support and generosity, all Lackawanna Middle School students receive a gift for their birthday. They can select a gift from the Harbor Room birthday bin. And students can be shining stars by wearing a LMS birthday sash. Once a month, the Harbor Room is transformed into a birthday celebration room, recognizing all birthdays that month.  The Birthday Squad of Buffalo also teamed up with For Goodness Cakes, providing students with cupcakes for the celebration. For many students, this will be their only birthday celebration. Teachers stop in, new friendships have been formed, it truly brings so much happiness to our students and staff.

Sara Zahn

LMS lifeskills

Student Council Advisor


“The Birthday Squad of Buffalo is a huge blessing to our women and children at Cornerstone Manor! Each month, they sponsor our children on their birthday, bringing joy to their special day! This is a gift not only to the child, but to the mother as well! Our ladies do not have to worry about how to fit a gift into their limited budget and instead can just focus on loving their kiddo. This is what the Birthday Squad of Buffalo provides to our residents, joy to the children and relief to the women that call Cornerstone Manor their home.”

 Julia Dressler

Manager - Volunteer & Community Engagement


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